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Media sources at Camosun Library: Citation Help

"Standard format" is only a guideline for citing media. If you highlight a specific responsibility like an actor, director, cinematographer, or composer, you will have to add that information. Links to detailed guides are included below.

APA Media


Last name, Initial. (Responsibility). (Year). Tile of Film [Format]. Location: Rights Holder or Production Company.

Example to emphasize who produced the film.

Achbar, M. & Simpson, B. (Producers), & Achbar, M. & Abbott, J. (Directors). (2005). The corporation part 1: The pathology of commerce [DVD]. Vancouver: Image Media.

In Text: (Achbar & Simpson, 2005, 23:05)

Chicago Media


Creator's LastName, FirstName, role. Title of Work. DatePublished; PlacePublished: Publisher. Collection if applicable, Format, running time. URL.

Example online streaming

Arnaquq-BarilAlethea, dir. Angry Inuk. 2016; Iqaluit: National Film Board of Canada. National Film Board of Canada Indigenous Cinema Collection. Streaming media, 1:22.


‚Äč9. Angry Inuk, directed by Alethea Arnaquq-Baril (2016; Iqaluit: National Film Board of Canada), National Film Board of Canada Indigenous Cinema Collection, streaming media, 1:22,

IEEE media

STANDARD FORMAT Online Streaming

[#] A. A. Person OR Screen name. "Title of video," Name of streaming site, Date video uploaded, Year. [Video file]. Available: internet address of specific video. [Accessed: Month Day, Year].

Example for YouTube video with organization as author

[#] MIT Mechanical Engineering. "Seal-whisker-inspired Sensing," YouTube, Oct. 13, 2015. [Video file]. Available: [Accessed: Nov. 23, 2018].

In text: Dr. H. Beem [#] was "inspired by seals ability to detect flow features and other underwater information ..."

Reminder:You do not need to include author names or dates in IEEE in-text citations, unless it is relevant to the text of the paper.

MLA Media


Title of Film. Directed by Director's First Name Last Name. Performance(s) by Actor(s) Name(s). Title of Production Company, Release Date.

Example to emphasize the performance of an actor:

The Grand Budapest Hotel, Directed by Wes Anderson. Performance by Ralph Fiennes. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2014.

In Text: (Grand Budapest 01:18:29-49)

Using images, audio and video

Choose the best images or clips to support your presentation or document.

If you use an image, audio clip or video clip  that you did not create, you must cite the source.

Depending on how you will be using the media you may have to ask permission.

Creative Commons

Watch for Creative Commons Licenses.  These licenses are for digital media, and allow you to use them free of charge as long as you give attribution or acknowledgement.   You can limit searches on many image search engines to images with a creative commons licence.  As a general rule you should always look for images with this sort of license.

And make sure, if you post photos to Flickr or other photo management sites, that you obtain a creative commons licence that allows others to use your work.