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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Find Articles

Selected resources related to Novel/New Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Single Search with limiters

Single Search Discovery Service

Pre-built Custom Searches from the major databases

  • PubMed
    The PHE Knowledge and Library Services Team has developed a search strategy to be run on bibliographic databases. This one has been developed for PubMed an openly accessible database of biomedical literature, produced by the U.S. National Library or Medicine:

coronavirus*[Title] OR coronovirus*[Title] OR coronoravirus*[Title] OR coronaravirus*[Title] OR corono?virus*[Title] OR corona?virus*[Title] OR “Coronavirus”[Mesh] OR “Coronavirus Infections”[Mesh] OR “Wuhan coronavirus” [Supplementary Concept]) OR “2019?nCoV”[Title/Abstract]) OR WN-CoV[Title/Abstract] OR nCoV[Title/Abstract] OR “novel coronavirus”[Title/Abstract] OR ((pneumonia[Title/Abstract] OR outbreak*[Title/Abstract] OR “respiratory illness”[Title/Abstract] OR “respiratory disease”[Title/Abstract] OR “respiratory symptom*”[Title/Abstract] OR “respiratory infection*”[Title/Abstract] OR “food market*”[Title/Abstract] OR “wild?life”[Title/Abstract] OR “sea?food”[Title/Abstract]) AND (Wuhan[Title/Abstract] OR China[Title/Abstract] OR Chinese[Title/Abstract]))

For quicker results, a less systematic search is available here.

  • OVID expert searches
    OVID provides access to databases such as Medline and Embase. This page provides hints, advice and suggestions about how search strategies might be built.

  • Disaster Lit ®
    This is a guide to disaster medicine and public health emergency literature and related information from the U.S. National Library of Medicine Disaster Information Management Research Center. This link pulls in grey literature about the coronavirus, from sources including the World Health Organization, Centers for World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Public Health England.

  • Google Scholar
    Dr Wichor Bramer from Erasmus MC the Netherlands has created this search strategy, which can be cut and pasted in to Google Scholar:

2019nCoV|”2019 nCoV|CoV|coronavirus”|”2019 novel|new coronavirus|cov”|”wuhan coronavirus|cov|ncov|outbreak”|”wuhan*coronavirus|cov|ncov|outbreak”|”wuhan*

Comprehensive list of resources and guides for search strategies for all health disasters.



Information provided courtesy of Public Health England.  

Search Tips

Search terms
To search these resources, it is important to use the right terminology. This is not an exhaustive list of search terms, as the terminology is changing regularly, but it is a starting point, and a combination of these terms can be used to search
. Remember to use quotations when searching for a phrase e.g. "infection control".

  • COVID-19
  • COVID*
  • coronavirus*

  • coronovirus*

  • “Coronavirus”

  • “Coronavirus Infections”

  • “Wuhan coronavirus”

  • Wuhan

  • “2019-nCoV”

  • WN-CoV

  • “novel coronavirus”

  • “new coronavirus”

  • CoV

  • 2019 novel

  • new coronavirus

  • ncov

  • ncov*wuhan

  • (outbreak* OR “respiratory illness” OR “respiratory disease” OR respiratory symptom* OR seafood market OR food market OR wildlife) and (Wuhan OR China OR Chinese)

Use "and" to combine specific groups/ideas with different phrases e.g

  • Coronavirus and analysis

  • Coronavirus and drug effects

  • Coronavirus and immunology

  • Coronavirus and transmission

  • Coronoavirus and Wuhan

You can also search for information about specific diseases or conditions:

  • SARS
  • MERS