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APA Citation Style (6th edition)

Indirect sources (also referred to as secondary sources)

Secondary source (When an author quotes another author) (Sec. 6.17 APA Publication Manual)

  • Whenever you can, take material from the original source. Sometimes, however, only a secondary/indirect source is available.

Author, A.A. (year of publication). Title of article: Subtitle information. Location of publication: Publisher.

Reference Example

Kizza, J. M. & Ssanyu, J. (2005). Workplace surveillance. Ed. J. Weckert. Electronic monitoring in the workplace: Controversies and solutions. Hershey, PA: Idea.

In-text Example

Researchers Botan and McCreadie point out that “workers are objects of information collection without participating in the process of exchanging the information” (as cited in Kizza and Ssanyu, 2005, p. 14).