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APA Citation Style (6th edition)

Commonly used business resources

Source References In-text/Parenthetical citation
Annual report: Hoover's Company Profiles 
Hoover's is a subset of the Business Market Research database

Hoover's Inc. (2016). Lululemon Athletica Canada Inc. Retrieved from

(Hoover's, 2016).

Annual report: web

Microsoft Corp. (2015, October). 2015 Annual report. Retrieved from

(Microsoft, 2015).

CPA Canada handbook from Knotia

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada. (2016, September). Public sector accounting standards: Concepts and principles. Sections PS 1000 - PS 1300. In Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada. Retrieved from

First mention:

(Canadian Professional Accountants of Canada [CPA], 2016, Section PS 1000 - PS 1300) or if using a specific section then use a more detailed section number.

Subsequent mention:

(CPA, 2016, January, Section 3051.34).

CANSIM (Statistics Canada)

CANSIM tables are now referred to as Data tables on the StatCan website.

Statistics Canada. (2014, July 14). Table 111-0024 Labour income profile of taxfilers, by sex, annual (dollars unless otherwise noted) [CANSIM data]. Retrieved from

Or perhaps a more clear, direct approach (especially if you have more than one Statistics Canada reference) is to use the title of the page in the author position. Always check with your instructor to determine if they have a preference.

Table 111-0024 Labour income profile of taxfilers, by sex, annual (dollars unless otherwise noted) [CANSIM data]. (2014, July 14). Retrieved from

(Statistics Canada, 2014)

If you are inserting a table (rather than referring to the data in the text of your paper) then follow the APA guidelines for Figures.

Conference Board of Canada

Gill, V., Flemming, B., Godsmark, P., & Kirk, B. (2015, January 21). Automated vehicles: The coming of the next disruptive technology. Retrieved from Conference Board of Canada e-Library.

Or if you want to provide a direct URL: 

Gill, V., Flemming, B., Godsmark, P., & Kirk, B. (2015, January 21). Automated vehicles: The coming of the next disruptive technology. Retrieved from


First mention use all four authors:

(Gill, Flemming, Godsmark, & Kirk, 2015).

Subsequent mentions:

(Gill et al., 2015)

SWOT analysis

Lululemon Athletica inc. (2016). Lululemon Athletica Inc SWOT analysis, 1-7. Retrieved from

According to Lululemon (2016)...


(Lululemon, 2016).

Country report: library database

Country reports - Japan. (2016). Japan Country Monitor, 1-43. Retrieved from

("Country Reports - Japan," 2016).

Country report: Economist Intelligence Unit

Economist Intelligence Unit. (n.d.). Country report: Cambodia. Retrieved from

(Economist Intelligence Unit, n.d.).


Consumer market report: 

Statista. (n.d.). Coffee market in Canada. Retrieved from

Statistical graph:

StatCan. (n.d.). Average retail price for roasted coffee in Canada from January 2015 to December 2018 (in Canadian dollars per 300 grams). In Statista - The Statistics Portal. Retrieved April 23, 2019, from


(Statista, n.d., p. 55).



(StatCan, n.d.)