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Media sources at Camosun Library: Streaming Video

Introducing Streaming Videos

Check out our subscription databases and websites to access thousands of streaming documentaries, movies, educational programs, and more.

Internet Archive

Watch full-length feature films, classic shorts, world culture documentaries, World War II propaganda, movie trailers, and films created in just ten hours.

Films Media Group

         Films on Demand

A small streaming collection of films on the English Language, Autism & Inclusion purchased by Camosun Library.  

Prelinger Archives

Hosted by the Library of Congress: Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division. Includes over 60,000 "ephemeral" films and 5,000 digitized titles, plus a large collection of home movies, amateur and industrial films acquired since 2002. Preligner Archives public domain streaming films are free to download, mashup, and reuse.

You have several options to locate or link to videos in this collection. You can:

1. Go directly to the site to search for content by CBC show, collections or channels.

2. By Subject categories: Arts, Health, Math, science & technology, Business, etc.

3.By the 'News in Review series' for the classroom. Curio selects the top 4 news stories and crafts a 15-minute documentary for each -- drawing on news reports from recent months.

We recommend that you link to a video in D2L. You can also create video playlists by registering using the Camosun Access Code HJUV-MBFZ.  See PDF handout below for instructions.

National Film Board of Canada Education (subscription)

MIT Global Shakespeares


 A collaborative project providing online access to performances  of Shakespeare from many parts of the world as well as essays  and metadata provided by scholars and educators in the field.

Persistent links and Camosun proxy prefix

Persistent links

Persistent links (also called permalinks, stable URLs, or document URLs) point to specific articles, journals, e-books, or searches from library research databases. They allow authorized users to access learning resources either on or off campus. Persistent links can be used within teaching materials, SharePoint, D2L, email or reference lists.

Best practice is to use the most direct link available (i.e. from the publisher or database) when providing links to your students.

Camosun proxy prefix

Persistent links to Camosun library licensed e-resources should start with the following string of characters:

Open Access articles do NOT require the proxy prefix.

NOTE: Not all databases provide persistent links in the correct format. Be sure to TEST permalinks on and off campus before sharing them!  Please contact the Research Help Desk or the Systems & Discovery Librarian if you have questions.

Ed.Flicks Exchange Training Videos on Demand

Sport Medicine and Exercise Science in Video


Collection of streaming videos on fitness and health assessment, disease management, injury treatment, nutrition, medical fitness, sport science, work-site wellness, exercise adherence, and much more.

Rehabilitation Therapy in Video

Collection of streaming videos focused on the physical treatment of patients with congenital disorders, chronic health issues, and traumatic injuries.


*Please note that playlists are public and can be created or deleted by any database user