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Library Research: Databases



Library Databases

You've heard the word "database" a few times now. In this research context, a database is a collection of electronic information (records) describing individual books, articles and other media. The most common databases used in a library setting are the library catalog and article databases. We also have a new "Single Search" option, which allows you to search all sources at once.

library catalog includes:

  • everything the library physically owns, but also includes a large amount of online material
  • books, e-books, DVDs, government publications and reports, reserve materials (course assigned readings), and titles of journals and magazines

article databases include: 

  • individual articles from magazines, journals and newspapers (search inside each individual issue)
  • searchable by keyword or subject
  • databases can be general, covering many differents subjects or specialized
  • full article often available online

And Single Search searches our library catalog and most of our article databases at the same time.  

This interactive video will show you how Single Search & Canadian article databases work:

Single Search & Canadian Article Databases