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Library Research: Start Researching

Navigate to the Camosun Library homepage then look for the 'Single search' box. 

You can start with one search term in this box ...

or click on the advanced Single Search link, this will take you to the library database interface.

You are searching the entire library when you use 'Single Search,' all resources in all formats! 

 If you are not on campus you will be have to log in 

You will see the Hello Guest prompt as soon as you start searching.

On the off-campus log in screen you use the same username and password that you would on-campus.

If you have not logged before use your ID and your date of birth:
Camosun ID = C0######
Password = 030693

(MMDDYY) so the example is the format for March 6th, 1993.

Use one or two of your key words to get some initial results:



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